Becoming a High-Value Woman: It’s Not About Fashion, Outer Beauty or Being Inauthentic

Many women are plagued by low self-esteem and feel troubled that they aren’t achieving everything they want to. They are struggling with their career and they haven’t found the right man to build a life with in a marriage or domestic partnership. These women may make great strides forward by learning the concepts involved with becoming a higher-value, truly empowered woman. When they Find Giordana Toccaceli on Instagram, they can get started with this particular program.

Free Information

Women can participate in personalized life improvement sessions with this coach or register for a program called the embodied feminine woman. If they cannot afford these options at this time, plenty of free information and support is available. A social media group for high-value women is entirely free and provides a community of support for everyone interested.

Ms. Toccaceli also has a large number of podcasts that can be found online. This is a convenient way to learn the concepts, since podcasts can be played while the listener is driving or even cleaning the house. Reading blog posts on the subject is another informative activity that will get the mind working and considering these ideas.

Embracing One’s Femininity

Embracing one’s femininity does not mean wearing a lot of makeup or the trendiest clothing, although that is certainly appropriate if the woman so chooses. It’s not about high heels, piercings or glamour. Women don’t have to be beautiful like a fashion model or have a fantastic figure to be irresistible to men, and they don’t have to act masculine in order to climb the corporate ladder. Embracing one’s power does not focus on any of those aspects.

The Woman’s Masculine Side

An intriguing point that women will learn is they can, and indeed should, embrace their masculine side as well. But this should be an authentic journey instead of putting on a mask of masculine assertiveness or dominance.

A Sense of Self-Confidence and Inner Beauty

With awareness and cultivation of the various positive aspects, women will gain a sense of self-confidence and inner beauty far beyond what they have experienced before. This is a key to achieving everything they want from life.